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About the site: { revision: 4.0.0, year: 2013 } This site has been an evolution in technology since the day it was built. About every year, I rebuild the site to reflect the new technologies and best practices I have learned while working in a production environment. This current build is a single page application and incorporates many of the latest javascript technologies.

This website now has a responsive layout to optimize the experience across desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Go ahead and resize your browser to the width of a smartphone for a demo.

I re-architected the javaScript based on my interpretation of Nicholas Zakas's scalable javascript lectures. I am utilizing requirejs for modularization and dependency management, with the r.js optimizer for javascript concatenation and minification. Backbone for MV* like structure, and hashbang routing. SASS for the CSS mixins, and helper functions. Bower for 3rd party dependency management. Grunt and Node for the deployment process -- encompassing image minification, cache versioning, Compass SCSS compilation, HTML and CSS minification, r.js concatenation and minification, javascript HTML template pre-compilation, and creation of a distributed file/directory package.

Next revision: Need to create repeatable background images for narrow widths. Looking into using the Jade HTML templating engine. The un-minified code will be posted onto GitHub soon.


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